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Hotel « Le Colbert » Diego Suarez

Located in the heart of Diego Suarez, the second port of Madagascar, city with a rich colonial past, Hotel Colbert ★ ★ ★ welcomes businessmen or travelers looking for comfort and quality life. .

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Our Hôtel

The hotel was inaugurated in 1998.
  • For your convenience and to respond to hazards in water and electricity supplies, we have a water tank and a generator.
  • The water is treated by a central filtration to obtain the filtered water throughout the property.
  • Restaurant bar with terrace on Rue Colbert.
  • Conference room with a capacity of 50 people.
  • Airport shuttle.
  • ravel Agency inside the hotel with our partner « Cap Nord Voyages ».
  • Guarded parking.
  • Payment by VISA.